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Welcome to Max Masonry of Walla Walla

Being in the trade for 4 generations has given us an edge on our competitors in the fact that we not only clean chimneys but we build them as well. Our services include rebuilding chimneys from the ground up if necessary. We build them with the following materials: Block, CMU, Brick, Natural Stone, and Cultured stone.

We are well suited for all your chimney repair needs. We repair all parts of the chimney as needed from the cap and crown to the footing. Our services include rectifying situations that involve water incursion and leaking around chimneys. We also have ways of curing a leaning chimney structure by means of supporting the existing chimney with pressure grouting. If needed we can change the whole look of the chimney. We Call it a chimney facelift and it’s done by applying cultured stone, stucco, and tile to name a few materials to the existing structure.

We also have the ability to retrofit a chimney to accept a wood stove or gas insert. Additionally we can change an existing firebox to greatly increase it’s efficiency by building a Rumford style box within a existing conventional box to create up to 75% more efficient heat projection. Please call us if you have any questions.


People ask me many times “is my chimney in danger of a chimney fire” and the answer to this question isn’t easily answered but here are a few tips. Whether or not you have a gas stove, wood fireplace, or other vented heating system it is always a good idea to look at it from time to time to make sure it is in proper working order.

Chimney fires are the leading cause of house fires these days and precaution needs to be taken to insure that the chimneys flue system stays free from creosote build up. There are three types of creosote found in chimneys. Notice the following pictures showing creosote buildup.

Notice the difference in the buildup shown in both pictures. The first shows moderate buildup. This buildup is more dangerous with regards to susceptibility to combustion. The second shows heavy scaling that has formed over years. The heavier scaling is just as harmful but more so as a function of deterioration. The heavier the scaling the less likely of a chimney fire but the more likelihood of increased deterioration and the threat of fire still exists.

If you find either of these problems existent in your chimney flue or stove pipe it is imperative that you seek to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


We provide premium quality chimney cleaning service in the Columbia basin. Our services include assessment and diagnosis of the individual needs of our customers. We will clean all portions of the structure inside and out.

Our first concern is the safety of our customers with regards to burning in there fireplaces. Often we will ask the following question to get a baseline as to the yearly scheduling of our services.

  1. How often does the chimney get used in a given winter?
  2. How larger are the fires usualy?
  3. Has the chimney ever had a smoking problem?
  4. When was the last time you had your chimney serviced?

After going through this short interview we then start the 9 point inspection inside and out.

  1. Top cap and crown inspection
  2. Visual inspection of flue liner for possible cracks and creosote buildup.
  3. Inspection of upper chimney for cracks and spalling of brick.
  4. Inspection of firebox and damper for cracks and foreign debris.

After the above inspection we recommend the services that fit the needs.

Our cleaning service consists of brushing all debris off the face of the flue and then removing said debris from the structure using an industrial vacuum system. We the remove all debris from the premises.

Let Northwest Chimney fix your broken or failing chimney in Walla Walla and the Greater Try-City area Washington. Call us today at 509-240-9290 for chimney cleaning, brick and rock repair, flue relining, and a host of other services related to chimneys.